Golf and the Coronavirus: Rules for Staying Safe on The Course

Golf and the Coronavirus: Rules for Staying Safe on The Course

The Coronavirus has changed the way we live our lives with the people of the world looking to keep their distance from each other as much as possible. The general rules of society and community have changed with the traditional handshakes replaced with elbow touches and even ankle shakes that keep the risk of transmission of COVID-19 as low as possible. Golfers are left with a changed way of living and playing the game we love that looks unlike how we played golf at the start of 2020. Golf rules of etiquette and the general rules we all play by are different in the age of a virus that is sweeping the planet.

Don’t Play if you are Sick

This is the rule we should all be living by during the current pandemic that has made social distancing a household phrase. The first thing any of us should be doing when we are considering playing a round of golf is checking to make sure we are not showing any symptoms of COVID-19. The new rules of golf etiquette mean the first step on the day of the round should be to check your own temperatures and make sure none of the common symptoms, such as a cough or fever. The new rules of golf state any signs of sickness should mean the cancellation of the round to protect yourself and our playing partners.

Skip the Golf Cart

Many areas of the world are no longer accepting paper money and while the pandemic is in full effect it is probably a good idea to book your rounds online and avoid entering the pro shop. This is also true of the golf carts we all tend to choose when playing because staying safe is more important than avoiding the long walk golf was created around. Golf carts are being wiped cleaned and disinfected between rounds, but erring on the side of caution is usually the best option where COVID-19 is concerned.

Don’t Worry ABout Warming Up

The traditional warm-up we all enjoy on the driving range and the putting greens is not the best option at the moment. On the course, we can usually keep our distance from fellow players, but warming-up is usually done in a confined area that is difficult for us to control. Most courses are taking precautions by sanitizing practice areas and balls, but most of us are choosing to err on the side of caution and not worry about a few extra strokes on the first few holes.

Avoid the Traditional Handshakes

No matter how we feel about our playing partners, we tend to start and end every round with a handshake. Now may not be the time to set out on rounds of golf with new playing partners and even those we know well should be treated with caution. Instead of handshakes, a warm greeting is now the best option for those who want to share bodily contact looking for an elbow touch to make sure the virus is not passed between players.

One of the bonuses of playing golf in the time of the Coronavirus is the fact the outdoors can be enjoyed without the fear of passing on the virus if social distancing rules are observed. The wide-open spaces of the golf course offer us the best options when it comes to interacting with others while keeping ourselves safe from infection.

Avoiding Short Putts

The traditional golf rules have been abandoned in many areas due to the arrival of Coronavirus in our lives. Among the reasons why we are all looking to avoid contact with others and the surfaces they may have touched is the ease with which the virus can be moved between people. Taking some precautions when playing your round should be seen as the best way of staying safe in a dangerous time.

The first step should be to avoid any contact with objects other players may have touched, such as bunker rakes and flagpoles. One part of the golf course you may not have considered is the hole that we all bend down and touch to remove balls after making a putt. Although you may be playing strokeplay instead of matchplay, allowing yourself and your fellow players to avoid short putts is a good precaution to take to avoid the potential for infection.

Hand Sanitizer is a Key Piece of Equipment

Looking after yourself and your equipment during any round should be high on your list of priorities. Using hand sanitizer throughout each round and not touching your face are the new priorities of every round of golf. If you usually play with a glove, it is probably a good idea to use sanitizer to keep it safe for you to use throughout your round. Cleaning any part of your clubs that come into contact with possibly infected areas of the course should be an important part of your round each time you arrive at the course.