How Often Should You Clean Your Golf Clubs

How Often Should You Clean Your Golf Clubs

How often do you clean your gold club, and what cleaning products do you use? Clean golf clubs are vital to golf play, provide a club that operates appropriately, and for appearances. You should adopt advanced cleaning methods for golf clubs to ensure they look great and give the players a favorable environment. Here are ways on how to and how often you should clean the golf club.

Benefits of Cleaning Grooves

Golf clubs can be costly. It’s essential to preserve the lifespan of your clubs and keep them optimal for play. The grooves in a golf club are designed to help during the play ensuring the ball has no restrictions. Clean grooves contribute to perfect shots and avoid faulty play where the ball lands on the green. They should be kept well cleaned, and how often you do, it depends on how many times you participate in a game. They should be cleaned after each stroke using the Li’l Golf Buddy and after each round using the Golf Car Buddy or Golf Car Traveler.

Clean Hand Grips

Hand grips play a significant role in a golfing game; therefore, he grips must be in good condition. Oil and sweat affect the swing, and you can lose control while playing. Cleaning your clubs is vital if you want to play a good game. Grips are prone to germs; cleaning helps in reducing any bacteria.

Fairway Golf Buddy Cleaning Systems

Golf Car Buddy

With advanced technology, there are more effective cleaning products and systems at play to help you save money and time while cleaning your golf clubs. These products can be mounted anywhere on your golf car since no water is used, and they are easy to use. Using the Fairway Golf Buddy during play enhances the proper performance of the golf clubs. It’s a dry-cleaning system mounted to your own personal golf car. There are two brackets fitted in the buddy club cleaner designed to help easy mounting on the strap bar. The brackets allow you to locate the golf car buddy in any location. It’s convenient during the game and after returning your clubs in the bag. You save a lot of time and energy for the game.

Golf Car Traveler

The golf car traveler travels with the golfer who likes to play one or many different golf courses and uses a golf car. It only takes seconds to mount it to any golf car. Easy on and easy off. The mounting can be vertical or horizontal based on your expectations. It’s a water-free system, and it operates well as compared to other cleaners.

Li’l Golf Buddy

Li’l Golf Buddy is a club groove cleaner easy to use and designed by experts from Fairway Golf buddy. This cleaner is handheld and has a nylon brush to remove debris. It is the perfect solution to help you with cleaning your club after each stroke on the fairway. It is easy to use and carry with you during the game.

Cleaning After Each Game

After each game, you will need water and a towel for the proper cleaning of the club. The Fairway Golf Buddy cleaners help during the game, but there is a need for proper cleaning after the game. Cleaning your clubs will keep them in good condition and ready for the next game. Besides having skills, it’s essential to have clubs that are working well, and this can be easily achieved through cleaning. Be keen on cleaning every club. Also, don’t forget to clean the Fairway Golf Buddy as well.  Some debris tends to accumulate in the cleaning chamber as rounds of golf are played. When it’s convenient, rinse out the brush chamber. The “Golf Car Buddy” chamber can be removed with an inside release latch and can be cleaned using a water hose. One benefit of the Golf Car Traveler is you can easily store it with your clubs and other golf equipment.

“Always have a clean Golf Buddy for your next round of golf!”

The Fairway Golf Buddy provides the best cleaners. They are water-free and require less time and energy installing. They will help you have clean golf clubs enhancing your play and improving your score.