The Importance of Playing with Clean Clubs

The Importance of Playing with Clean Clubs

Golf clubs are essential to the sport. Without a clean club, there really is no sport. There are several methods that are utilized to keeping clubs in pristine conditions, including keeping them clean. Even professionals do this if you watch closely enough. Next time you watch golf, simply watch for the professional to hand his or her club to the caddy. This process is to ensure that the club remains in pristine condition and as clean as possible during play and after.

There are many reasons to clean golf clubs. These include both cosmetic and execution-based reasons. The goal is to get a score below par, and you only have one shot at doing so on each hole. Your golf club must be in its best condition both to impress viewers, to get the best shot and to meet your goal. Cleaning golf clubs is a basic part of playing the sport that you should learn to do as soon as possible.

Cosmetic Reasons to Clean Golf Clubs

A clean golf club shows that you truly care about the sport. IF you are playing with a dirty golf club, others may assume that you do not care or are sloppy. This sloppiness can lead others to assume that you are not coachable or unprofessional.

Golf is a sport with a huge impression on appearance. Many golfers play the sport while dressed in nice clothes while appearing completely freshened. The same care should be put into the golf clubs to ensure a level of seriousness is given off. Try cleaning golf clubs after every stroke to keep the maintenance as easy as possible.

Execution-Based Reasons Behind Clean Golf Clubs

Believe it or not, there is a science to the game behind keeping your clubs clean. A dirty golf club can provide inaccuracies in the forms of an offline, a spin in the shot and ultimately, bad scores. There are many scientific ideations behind this.

To start, a club is supposed to spin at 9000 RPM’s. With dirt caked on to the club, the spin can be cut in half. To add to this, the trajectory can be put off causing the ball to not go where you want it to go.

Monetary Reasons Behind Clean Golf Clubs

If you ever want to purchase new clubs, you may be interested in selling your old clubs. If your clubs are dirty or are damaged due to build-ups, the value will go significantly downhill. Make sure your clubs are in good condition if you are planning to sell them.

There are many methods to keeping your clubs in pristine condition. All it takes is a few seconds after every stroke and a deep-cleaning after every couple of games. Continue reading to learn more.

Regular Cleaning

Using the Fairway Golf Buddy will make sure your clubs are kept clean throughout your game. The Fairway Golf Car Traveler is a great tool to utilize as it is simply mounted to the side of your golf cart. It does not require you to bring along water to use it either, making it simple and easy for everyday use. There is even a handheld Li’l Golf Buddy to clean out the grooves and small detailing from your golf club.

Simply insert the golf club head into the golf car buddy after each round as well as the Li’l Golf Buddy hand-held version after every stroke.  The tools allow you to brush away dirt and to get any dirt out of the grooves and other small places on your club. Try to do it while waiting your turn so as to not take up time from the game. This will make it more efficient for you and other players.

Tools Necessary for Deep Cleaning after the Game

Deep cleaning should occur after every game of golf that you play. It can be completed once you get home or it can be completed at the golf course, as long as they allow it. There are certain tools that are needed to perform deep cleaning, however.

Deep cleaning requires every supply aforementioned and more. To start, you need a cleaning tool like the Fairway Golf Buddy. You should also utilize warm water and a rag for cleaning golf clubs. Finally, have a dry towel for drying everything off.

Deep Cleaning Steps

Deep cleaning should be performed, as mentioned, after every round of golf. If this is not possible, do it on at least a weekly basis. There are certain steps to ensuring deep cleaning is performed correctly as well including those listed below.

  1. Rest the golf clubs in the bucket of water. Make sure the face is submerged, but water does not come over it. You do not want the glue to weaken that holds the head and shaft.
  2. Scrub away loosened dirt using a cleaning tool such as the Fairway Golf Buddy.
  3. Clean out grooves using tools like the Li’l Golf Buddy.
  4. Soak the club head again for any difficult-to-clean areas and repeat.
  5. Wipe down the shaft using a damp rag.
  6. Towel dry the entire club.

The steps taken are simple, but do require some effort. Make sure to engage in this cleaning, however, to keep up monetary value, play value and cosmetic value.

Final Thoughts

A clean golf club helps you in looking more professional and having a more valuable club. It also assists you in playing a stronger game. Be sure to follow the steps listed above to keep your golf clubs in a pristine and clean condition so you can keep playing the game you love.