With any new product entering the golf accessory market, golfers have a lot of questions. The avid golfer is always searching for the one “Miracle Gadget” that will help him shave strokes off his score. Here are some of the every-day questions we are asked so we listed them for your curious mind: 

Question:   Why do you feel The Buddy golf club cleaners are the best in the world?            
Answer:  They were designed from golfer’s feedback to us through four years of testing.

Question: Does the Buddy use water or fluids to clean my dirty clubs? 
Answer:  If the divot or dirt is fresh and not dried to the club, fluids aren’t necessary. 

Question:  What is special about the rubber brush that is used in the Buddy?                                               
Answer:  The EPDM rubber will not crystalize and break-off or scratch my golf clubs. 

Question: Where does the dirt go when it enters the Buddy cleaning-chamber?                        
Answer:  The chamber dirt vibrates out as the golf-car is used or it can be hosed-out at home. 

Question: How durable is the Buddy Golf Cleaner?                                                          
Answer:  The Buddy has been tested with a 5-iron in the cleaning chamber more than 60,000 strokes.

Question:  Where can I purchase the Buddy?                                           
Answer:  All of our products are available in our website store. Buy Now!