With any new product entering the golf accessory market, golfers have a lot of questions. The avid golfer is always searching for the one “Miracle Gadget” that will help him shave strokes off his score. Here are some of the every-day questions we are asked so we listed them for your curious mind: 

Question:  What makes the Buddy golf club cleaner so effective?    

Answer:  The Buddy Golf Club Cleaner was designed from golfer’s feedback.  From these suggestions, we created the “Trifecta” Buddy club cleaning system with three brushes to clean your clubs.

Question:   What is the“Trifecta” Buddy Cleaning System? 

Answer:  Our new “Trifecta” Buddy club cleaner was designed from golfer’s feedback. It has THREE brushes to do the “dirty work" and each brush is strategically located to do their chore. The #1 brush is the “Entry Brush.” It’s the dirt-glutton. It is located in the mouth of the cleaning chamber and removes most of the debris. The #2 brush is the “Rubber Brush” which wraps around the club and massages the dirt off into the chamber.  The #3 brush is the “Divot Brush” located under the chamber.  It chews up any remaining stubborn mud-clumps and spits them out. If your club needs extra detailing simply towel dry before returning it to your bag.    

Question:  “What is special about the rubber brush that is used in the Buddy?”                                                

Answer:  The EPDM rubber is not affected by the temperature. It will stay soft to massage your clubs clean and will not crystalize or scratch your golf clubs. 

Question:  “Where does the dirt go when it drops in to  the Buddy cleaning-chamber?                         

Answer:  The chamber dirt vibrates out on the course as the golf car moves or it can be hosed-out at home.  

Question:   “Does the The “Trifecta” Buddy Club Cleaner mount to any golf car ?                                     

Answer:  Yes it does and we explain how to install it on our website. It only makes good sense to have your Trifecta Buddy close at hand to keep your clubs clean.  

 Question:   “How can I purchase one of these Buddy golf club cleaners and add it to my golf equipment?” 

Answer:  Any of our Buddy club cleaners are available for you to purchase in our Online Store.