Traveler Installation

If you rent a golf car when you play golf, you can install your own “Golf Car Traveler” to it in a few seconds. No tools are required and the clamping bracket does not damage the golf car. Its (Easy-on & Easy-off) mounting bracket allows all golfers the convenience of having a “Clean club for every Shot!”

Now golfers can bring their own “Club Cleaner” to any golf course. (1) From your car to your golf car. It mounts & un-mounts in seconds. (2) You can use it while you’re playing golf. (3) You can remove it in seconds and store it with your golf clubs. (4) It is waterless and can be washed out with a garden hose after golf.

The “Golf Car Traveler” is designed to be used on any golf-car. You can temporarily attach the Traveler rear bracket to any vertical or horizontal steel channel on your golf car. It fits on any 1” or 1-1/4” square channel. Install your Traveler where it works for you. If your passenger has his own Traveler, install it where it is convenient for him.
Where is the best place to install & remove your “TRAVELER.” (1) The golf bag-drop area. Sometimes the bag-boy will do it for you. (2) The parking lot. Load clubs & mount the Traveler to your golf car. (3) At the first tee or any convenient place on the golf course. (4) The parking lot after golf. Return clubs & Traveler to your trunk. (5) No tools are required to mount and un-mount the “Traveler.”

TRAVELER MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS “Golf Car Traveler” is designed to be the easiest portable-mount golf club cleaner in the world. It can be installed and removed in seconds to any convenient square channel on the golf car without using any tools. The cleaning portal is very versatile and can be mounted high, low, level or side mount. The bracket can be attached to a vertical or horizontal square steel support channel. Pick out a convenient location on the golf car where the car’s square channel is accessible. Clamp the u-bracket over the square channel and tighten the knob until the unit is stable. Level and straighten the cleaner as needed. To remove, reverse the installation procedures.

TRAVELER CLUB-CLEANING DISCLAIMER. (1) Golf course designed conditions: Every golf course and its fairways are different. The grass type, the soil base, the terrain, & the grass length all vary, making the game more challenging. (2) The weather and climate: Nature can make the golf course miserable or enjoyable. Rain changes the way a shot is played and how dirty a golf club can get. The “Traveler” is a water-free golf club cleaner and requires little or no maintenance. The Traveler’s rubber brushes can handle most of the dirty club problems but not all of them. This is when the “Li’l Golf Buddy” and a drying towel come to the rescue. If the divots are clumps of dirt stuck to the grooves, the li’l golf buddy will finish the job.
If your club face is still wet, wipe it off with a drying towel.