Traveler Buddy Bundle

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Description: The Buddy Traveler golf club cleaner is portable and can be mounted to any golf car in the world. It’s easy on and easy off design gives you the opportunity to take the “Traveler” anywhere you play golf. The Traveler temporarily attaches to your golf car and can be removed when the round is over. The winning 3-brush “Trifecta” system completely cleans your club head before you return it to your golf bag. In the cleaning chamber, there are two brushes that will start the cleaning process. First the “Entry Brush” cleans most of the debris off the club head before it is in the chamber and the dirt falls to the ground. Then the soft ‘Rubber Brush” massages off the remaining debris. The discarded dirt drops into the chamber and is vibrated out as the golf car is driven.  Outside, a “Divot Brush” is located on the chamber bottom to finish any stubborn cleaning jobs. The “Trifecta” cleaning system gives you a clean golf club for every shot! 

Installation: The Traveler attaches easily to the frame of any golf car and no screws or tools are required. With the cleaning chamber brush facing out, fasten the u-bracket to any convenient square channel on the golf car. Tighten the knob until snug and adjust the brush housing until level. For removal, reverse the installation and store with your clubs. Note: Place your personal contact info on the Traveler in case you forget and leave it on the golf car.   

User Guide: The Traveler is used to clean irons & some hybrids. Dirty clubs should be cleaned after each use. This is when the 3-brush “Trifecta” club cleaner is used. Insert the club head into the cleaning chamber several times until the debris is totally removed. To remove any remaining dirt-clumps or embedded grass, use the “Divot Brush” which is attached to the bottom of the cleaning chamber.  Store the Traveler with your golf bag and have clean clubs for your next round of golf.  

Maintenance: Some debris may accumulate in the Traveler as rounds of golf are played. The cleaning chamber is designed to be self-cleaning. The debris inside the chamber should vibrate out of the louvers as the golf car is driven around the course. Any remaining dirt can be rinsed out of the brush chamber by using a garden hose.


The “Li’l Golf Buddy” is a personal hand-held fairway golf club cleaner. It will do your club cleaning chores for you when and where you want to use it. Its hybrid design is compact with added features you will need to clean your clubs. The soft nylon brush, the steel groove cleaner, the Velcro-strip, and the spring-loaded hasp will be your “Li’l Golf Buddy” wherever you go.