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We took the cleaning chamber from The Buddy Golf Club Cleaner and built a birdhouse around it. With the housing stripped of all the golf equipment it becomes the perfect home for many birds. There is a double insulation inter wall and the rear corners are louvered to allow air circulation throughout the inner chamber. We topped it off with a fiberglass roof to keep the feathered occupants safe and dry. A rear clean-out sanitary door will allow you to prep it for the new residents in the spring. It is suitable for outdoor wild-life or inside as collection display items. Since “The BUDDY CUSTOM BIRDIE-HOUSE” is personalized with themes or teams, their uses are un-ending.                                                            "THE SELLING PRICE IS $39.99 PLUS SHIPPING & HANDLING"

Pictured are some "BUDDY BIRDIE-HOUSE" units we have already sent to our "CHRISTMAS CUSTOMERS"